Promoting Therapy Animals in Northern Arizona

Over two decades ago, we started the first version of our non-profit, dedicating ourselves to the benefits of therapy animals and advocating advanced training for local therapy teams.

This Chapter Ends

Like many other non-profits post pandemic, we’ve determined that the organization is no longer sustainable. Despite the challenges leading to this decision, TPNAZ leaves behind a legacy of compassion and meaningful initiatives.

To all who contributed their time and believed in the mission, we express heartfelt thanks.

While we may no longer be operational, the spirit of our work carries forward. This site will serve as a place of information for existing volunteers, potential volunteers and those looking for therapy animal resources.

Leaving a Pawsitive Impact

Are you considering volunteer work as a therapy team? We’ve compiled a few sections to help you.

Volunteers Around Town

Pet therapy is a broad term that includes Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) and other Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA).

Therapy animal or pet means that you and your furry friend have completed a thorough process of obedience training, volunteer preparation, including a pet health screening,) and an in-person evaluation.

Consider the Canine Good Citizens (CGC test as a resource for determing therapy dog suitability.

Training and Registration

Obedience training and advanced therapy animal training helps develop essential skills for both handlers and therapy animals to bond and work through various socialization scenarios.

There are many independent organizations that you can reach out to directly around Northern Arizona to determine lesson availability.

Once you’ve completed advanced training classes. You can begin registration with a national organization.

Volunteers Around Town

If you already have an active registration as a therapy team, you can look through our list of volunteer sites to give you an idea of where you could start volunteering.

Therapy Animal Benefits

Decrease Overall Anxiety

Assist in Crises

Source of Motivation

Provide Comfort

Promote Focus

Increase Social Support

For up-to-date information about therapy animals, training and events, please visit one of our national partner organizations.